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The Dangers of Dog Food & Dog Obesity


There is nothing in this world that makes me more crazy than dog food companies that hoodwink pet owners into feeding their store’s Current Flavor of the month dog food. “It’s all natural”, “It is grain free”, “There is Yak meat in it”, “The chicken it is from Free-Range farms”, “It fell out of heaven and has a golden seal on the back of the bag”, “This one dog food is for Chihuahua’s only”.

Com’on people!!! WAKE UP! Your dog licks its own butt, eats off of the ground, and will even swallow band-aids, tampon’s (used), and sometimes it’s own poo-poo!

So why are you feeding the little guy dog food that cost $65 per 40# bag? What you really need to know is that the label on every bag of dry dog food is so misleading that it is basically useless. While it may tell you the percentage protein and what the ingredients are, it does not tell you the calories per cup nor the digestibility of the food for sizegenetics.

Percentage protein means that the food has been “tested” and it renders a certain percentage of the food comes from protein animal sources. I can make X dog food with the same protein content as the most expensive dog food on the market. This X dog food is made with hide, hair, eyeballs, and teeth to reach the same protein level, but it is NOT DIGESTABLE. This means that your dog will not absorb much of the X dog food. You will also notice that the X dog food is much cheaper than the brand name. That is because my undigestable protein sources cost less than meat protein sources. Remember this every time you buy dog food.


This is the cause of our 40% obesity rate in dogs. Buy a middle of the price range dog food that is a national brand (no store brand or local brand) and your dog will be just as happy as if it was the high priced spread and he will be much less likely to be obese.

Lastly, “grain free” dog food is made to address food allergies/food sensitivities. If you have 100 dogs that have confirmed allergies of any kind, only 5 (5%) will have food related problems. Most of the time a dog has a loose stool is not the type of food you feed but how much you feed your bathmate reviews. Over fed dogs cannot digest all that they are fed and this is the cause of most loose stool problems. This means that “grain free” is not necessary for more than 99% of all dogs.

If you decide to switch your dog off of the high priced spread to a more reasonably priced selection, be sure to switch them slowly by adding in a little more each day of the new food while taking more and more of the old food out of the ration. If you change the food abruptly you risk creating a severe diarrhea problem. Take a 7-10 day time period to make the switch.

With the money that you save on dog food you may want to consider getting pet insurance. Look up Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. and get a quote for your dog by going to their website:

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Following the dream of owning his own hospital, Dr. Pat Jarrett purchased the Parker County Veterinary Hospital in 1985. Originally, it was a mixed practice that included all animals. He used to say, “If it walks, crawls, flies or dies, I’ll treat it!” Horse colic’s at 2am, trimming parakeet wings, gluing the cracked shell on a turtle, delivering a two headed calf, midnight c-sections on a 100# female Irish Setter, turning down a request to declaw an African lioness, x-raying a pregnant Iguana, bone platting the fractured leg of a potbelly pig, and removing a rubber ball from a cat’s intestine are just some of the general practice challenges that occurred. Giving in to age and knee problems, Dr. Jarrett limited services to small animals since 1991. His hospital provides veterinary care for dogs, cats, rabbits, and pocket pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs, pet mice/rats, and gerbils.

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