For Non-Clients:

For after hour emergency service please call the Metro West Animal Emergency clinic in Fort Worth at 817-731-3734. We have been sending our clients there for emergencies for over 20 yrs and while they are expensive like all emergency animal clinics, Metro West has always done a first class medical job and they have treated my clients and their pets with respect and courtesy. Metro West is the ONLY emergency clinic that I recommend.

For Current Clients:

If you are a current client of Dr. Jarrett, feel free to give him a call on his personal cell phone. You should already have his number as it is on his business card and in the Dog and Cat Owner’s guide. Be sure to leave a message and identify yourself as a current client. He will return your call within 15 minutes to discuss your concerns, but if he does not you should then call the Metro West Animal Emergency clinic at the above phone number.

Our hospital has a full in-house lab, oxygen cage, Accuvet Surgical Laser, 300ma Inovet xray unit with automatic film processor, pulse Oximeter monitors, Isoflurane anesthesia, Tonopen.