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Why You Need Pet Insurance For Your Dog & Cat

First of all, please know that we make no commission, kick back, or insurance company reward for getting clients to purchase pet insurance. Too many times a week I have clients with an injured or sick pet that simply cannot afford to pay a large amount at one time for a broken leg (Bone plate surgery-$1500-$2000), serious dog fight wounds ($800-$1500), parvo virus infection ($350 up to $2500), or even a simple case of eating contents of the trash can ($300-$600). Many times clients want me to finance the cost of the care, but if I did that for everyone then I could not pay my bills.

Here is what usually happens. Your pet, Snuffy, just got hit by a car or perhaps has developed diabetes. The estimate for Snuffy’s care is between $1500–$2000, and more if the case requires the services of a board certified surgeon in Dallas. You want to provide the best care possible, but for some reason (school just started, it is Christmas time, Income taxes are due, the car needs repairs. All which make you short on cash. I see it every day. People want to do the best but their pocketbook won’t let them. Almost all clients do not budget or specifically have a medical savings account for their pets. Then, when we discuss money I can see the fear and disappointment in their eyes and hear it in their voices while they try to figure out how to pay for Snuffy’s veterinary bill.

This financial problem has one of the following answer for 90% of all clients.

  1. Become creative with finances? (skip a house payment and/or a car payment).
  2. Borrow money from family or the bank? (with interest).
  3. Max out a credit card or two? (more interest).
  4. Find the cheapest and most likely incomplete care? (such as a splint instead of a bone plate or outpatient care instead of hospitalization).
  5. Elect euthanasia over treatment based just on a lack of funds at this critical moment.

Pet insurance removes all of the above reasons to provide less than the standard of care. By making a monthly premium payment with a draft on your credit card or bank account you spread the cost of veterinary care over a year’s time. When you have pet insurance you still have to pay the bill at the vet clinic/hospital, but you are quickly reimbursed by your pet insurance company. The oldest pet insurance firm, Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) is part of the NationWide insurance family and has an

VPI facts:

  1. Policies for accident and illness coverage cost from $10 to $35 per pet per month.
  2. The price is affected by the extent of coverage, the chosen deductable, and the age, breed and sex of the pet.
  3. You maximum annual benefits are up to $14,000 per pet each and every year.
  4. Wellness add-on coverage packages are $12-$22 per pet per month. This defrays most of the cost of preventative care (Vaccinations, fecal/heartworm testing, spaying/neutering and more).
  5. NOTICE: Pet owners will spend in excess of $4,000 (national average) per pet in it’s lifetime in addition to wellness care. 

We have brochures for VPI and 24Pet Watch, another reputable pet insurance company. Go online to their websites to get a monthly premium quote and compare what conditions they cover.

Please let us know if you have any questions that can help you with about pet insurance.

Websites: VPI         24Pet Watch

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