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Demodex Canis is the name of the parasite that causes Red Mange In dogs. The parasite lives in the skin of dogs and is transmitted to the puppies while the pups are still in the uterus as well as off of the breast skin while the pups are newborn and nursing. It is my opinion that all dogs have this parasite within their skin but the dog’s individual immune system keeps it from being a problem in 90% or more of all dogs. Only about 10% of dogs break out with hair loss and red patches of skin as a result of Demodex Canis infections.  Most often the dog’s owner notices a small area or two of hair loss and reddish skin usually on the head/neck or front legs. The most common age to see this is between 4-12 months. Immune system stresses such as heavy teething (4-6 months of age) and/or puberty (6-10 months of age) allow the mites to become active. Scraping the skin and examining it under the microscope reveals small cigar shaped slow moving mites. Most often treatment with an insecticidal cream (Goodwinol ointment) applied once daily for 21 days is all that is needed. Should your dog exhibit more spots than can be reasonably treated with the cream there is a bathing/dipping regimen using Mitaban dip that can be done in the clinic to reduce the number of mites on your dog. First, a peroxide bath using Pyoben shampoo to clean out the hair follicles is performed. This is followed by a Mitaban dip in which the dip is repeatedly poured over the patient. The patient is then allowed to drip dry and is observed for any possible reaction to the dip.

Mitaban dip and Pyoben bath

COST:  UNDER 20#——–$36.30


31 — 50#————-$47.30

51 — 75#————-$51.80

76# & UP–__——-$58.30

Mitaban dip with peroxide baths will be done once a week for minimun of 6 treatments. All of these are done in the clinic to assure the best possible outcome.  One week after the 4th treatment a skin scraping will be done to look for live demodex mites.  If the skin scrape is negative for live mites then the dog will receive 2 more treatments. If the skin scrape shows live mites then the weekly treatments will continue until we can obtain 2 treatments past a skin scrape that shows only dead demodex mites. There is a charge for each skin scrape. Treatment for pyoderma, a common secondary bacterial infecion of the skin is often necessary prior to beginning the bathing/dipping procedure.

Important Points to Remember:

1. Do NOT bathe the dog during the entire time the dipping process is ongoing. This will rinse off the mitaban dip that needs to stay in contact with the dog’s skin and the mange mites.

2. Do NOT apply any type of flea or tick medication without Dr. Jarrett’s approval

3. Do NOT allow any person on antidepressants (such as Prozac, Luvox, Zolof, or others) to handle the dog while the patient is dripping wet. If the dip is dry then there is no reason to be concerned.

4. Keep your appointment regular within a day of the original weekly date.

5. Demodex Mange is NOT transmissable to cats, humans, or other animals.

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