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Reasons To Feed Cats Canned Food Instead of Dry

HomePet CareReasons To Feed Cats Canned Food Instead of Dry

1. Cats are obligate carnivores: Need meat (not meat byproducts) protein and meat fats (essential fatty acids for cats are ONLY in meat). Think Natural diet of prey (high meat protein, moderate animal fats, low carbs). Think Atkins Diet.

2. Cats utilize protein for energy even in the face of large amounts of carbs in the diet.

Dry cat food is EXTREMELY HIGH in carbs.

3. Taurine, arginine, methionine, cystine (all meat amino acids) and Arachidonic acid (meat essential fatty acid) are only in meat (canned food).

4. Meat (canned food) provides vitamins A, D, and B and cats cannot synthesis them from plant proteins (a lot of dry foods have plant proteins).

5. Salivary amylase (digestive enzyme) is absent in cats & intestinal and pancreatic amylase is very low, so carb digestion (dry food) is much less efficient. Lots of wasted money when feeding dry food.

6. Starch digestion of dry food is poor due to few disaccharidases and other small intestine starch digestion enzymes.

7. Cats have a shorter intestine than ominvores (humans, bears, dogs). Shorter intestine means poorer digestion of dry food complex carbs.

8. Hepatic enzyme activity is GREATLY REDUCED ( e.g. glucokinase) in cats, meaning poor glucose conversion of dry food staches/glucose to glycogen (stored carbohydrates).

9. There is no fructokinase (digestive enzyme) in cats so no fructose use or other simple sugars prevelant in dry food are broken down and used.

10. Therefore High carb meals (dry food) take 6-8 hours to be absorbed. This results in persistant hyperglycemia (obesity follows) and persitant hyperinsulinemia (wearing out islet of Langerhans cells sooner) causing many fold increase for risk of Diabetes due to eating dry cat food.

11. High protein diet (canned food) provides more Arginine, and more Arginine causes improved insulin production and lower blood sugar.

12. Twice a day controlled feeding provides opportunity for Owners to see if cat is eating or not. Since cat’s mask diease so well early detection is very important.

13.  Cats on Dry food free choice will drink less water (proven research). 80% of canned food is water so better flush of kidneys, bladder and therefore less chance for uroliths (stones), cystitis(idiopathic or infectious), less constipation, fewer hair balls, and generally better health by avoiding chronic dehydration.

14. High protein (canned food) promotes more water intake (proven research).

15. Starting kittens on canned food early will make treating disease much easier since cats are finicky about shapes, size, texture, and flavors. Cats on FCDF will have a difficult time eating presciption canned diets later in life.

16. Feed canned protein diet of 45% high quailty protein or higher to create weight loss. (atkins)

17. Extrusion manufacturing of dry food requires CARBS so low carb dry diets are very hard to achieve.

18. Dry food has many more Kcal (calories) than canned. An example is Hills m/d canned=165Kcal and Hills dry m/d=485kcal/CUP.

19. Read the canned food label!!! Meat byproducts should not be the first listed ingredient; The more expensive the canned cat food usually means that it is more digestable and better for the cat.

20. Free Choice CANNED FOOD will provide way too many unnecessary calories and will cause obesity. Always feed Measured Meals ONLY.

21. 65% of all cat diarrhea cases are from food intolerance. Much less chance of food intolerance on canned cat food.

Still not convinced?  Then feed your cat Free Choice Dry Food (FCDF) if you must and your cat will likely fall into one of the following diseases  caused by free choice dry food. How does FCDF cause disease?

#1. FACT: FCDF causes your cat to be chronically dehydrated and urinate MUCH less.

#2. FACT: Chronic Dehydration contributes significantly to kidney stones, bladder stones, idiopathic cystitis, kidney & bladder infections.

#3. FACT:  Every brand of Dry cat food is high in carbs and starches without exception.

#4. FACT:  FCDF causes chronic hyperglycemia leading to insulin exhaustion and Diabetes.

#5. FACT:  Canned cat food causes far fewer cases of food allergy or food intolerance.

#6. FACT:  65% of cat DIARRHEA cases are caused by food intolerance.

#7. FACT: Cats are obligate carnivores (must eat meat protein). This is canned food, not dry.

Tips about using Canned Cat Food

1. Diarrhea—Caused by low quality meat protein source(not digestible). Use expensive can food.

2. Very smelly poop in litter box—Same answer, poor quality protein in canned food.

3.  Won’t eat it and only wants dry cat food: That is because it is all that he was trained on since being a kitten. Cats get picky about texture, shape, & odor/flavor. Mix ever increasing small amounts of canned food in with the dry food. Force feed canned food for 2 weeks if necessary to get them use to the new food (i.e.—teach the child to eat green beans by making them eat them regularly, small bites at first then bigger and bigger bites till they recognize it as good food).

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