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Senior Dog Dental Plan (7yrs & older)

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Pre-Dental Antibiotics: ———————————————————————-$25-$40

(Give for 5 days before and after dental cleaning.. Cost of Antibiotics is not a part of the estimate for the day of cleaning teeth)

Pre-Anesthetic Blood testing (required)————————————————-$81.29

(Checks Clotting ability & Kidney/Liver function)

Light General Gas Anesthesia ————————————————————$126.00

(includes iv cath/fluids if needed)

Ultrasonic Scaler Cleaning —————————————————————–$82.00

(Includes fluoride treatment)

Extractions: Simple (17.50 each)________Difficult ($50-95each)________

The number of Extractions is hard to estimate until the teeth are cleaned. If your pet needs more than 4 Simple extractions ($70.00), we will charge for the time it takes. This rarely exceeds $95.00 even if there are 10 simple extractions.

Doxi-gel Application (antibiotic gel, packed in deep root pockets if necessary).—————-$45.00

Pain Control Injection & Oral Medication ———————————————–$25.00

Estimate Range: $289.29 (blood work, anesthesia and cleaning only)

$358.29 (if all procedures are needed and approved by owner)

Note: The number of Extractions vary and therefore are not included in estimate

Other Procedures______________________________________________

(Vaccinations, Heartworm Test, Fecal, Microchip, Ear Flush, etc.)

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